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Betty DavisBetty Davis
Betty Davis
LP, Just Sunshine, 1973, Condition: New   Add Cart - View Cart   9.99€
Here is the first shot from the"roaring" singer, with her broken voice. It's a mix of rock and funk with a very rootsy sound like the Graham Central Station's one, who... More infos...
Betty DavisBetty Davis
They Say I'm Different
LP, Just Sunshine, 1974, Condition: New   Add Cart - View Cart   9.99€
The second album by singer, and a little mid 70's funky bomb, a heavy groove marqued by a massive bass-drums rhythm, Betty keeps on singing like she was roaring on a funk... More infos...
Tyrone DavisTyrone Davis
In The Mood With Tyrone Davis
LP, Columbia, 1979, Condition: Very Good +   Add Cart - View Cart   7.99€
The late 70's most popular album by Chicago singer, thanks to the title track, great mellow soul hit. The album features other tracks in the same vein with sophisticated... More infos...
Jimmy DelphsJimmy Delphs
Don't Sign The Paper Baby (I Want You Back) / Almost
45, Karen, , Condition: New   Add Cart - View Cart   7.99€
... More infos...
Kenny DopeKenny Dope
Break Beats
CD, Dungeon, 60's/70's, Condition: New   Add Cart - View Cart   8.99€
A superb serie of 60's soul and 70's funk classics, selected and mixed by Kenny Dope, 37 titles with break beats that influenced hip-hop world forever, featuring:... More infos...
Kenny DopeKenny Dope
Favorites Grooves
CD, Dungon, 70's, Condition: New   Add Cart - View Cart   8.99€
A superb serie of 70's soul and funk gems mixed by Kenny Dope, a great number of classic hip-hop samples here with just handsome lost tracks! 29 titles including 24 Karat... More infos...
Kenny DopeKenny Dope
Soul Trippin'
CD, Dungon, 70's, Condition: New   Add Cart - View Cart   8.99€
Excellent selection of 70's soul and funk tracks, masterfully mixed by Kenny Dope, featuring great rare groove classics and high levels obscurities, 25 titles in total including... More infos...
Nat Dove & The DevilsNat Dove & The Devils
Petey Wheatstraw The Devil's Son-In-Law
LP, Magic Disc, 1977, Condition: New   Add Cart - View Cart   9.99€
An explosive funky soul soundtrack, the pure ghetto sound, with stiking up-tempo numbers atouch of blues and jazz, as well as a mellow touch with down tempo tnes having soulful... More infos...
Lamont DozierLamont Dozier
Working On You
LP, Columbia, 1981, Condition: New   Add Cart - View Cart   9.99€
Great modern soul number by superstar singer producer, in the early 80's, classy arrangements and melodies all the way, with pretty good club numbers like "Nobody Told... More infos...
Eddie Drennon & B.B.S. UnlimitedEddie Drennon & B.B.S. Unlimited
LP, Friends & Co., 1975, Condition: Sealed   Add Cart - View Cart   8.99€
Great set of funky disco tunes, pretty heavy with string orchestrations, lots of percussion, nice electric keyboards and occasional background chorus by Esther Williams and... More infos...
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