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How to use the shopping cart - Used vinyl records condition - Order & Payment info - Shipping - Return policy - Security & Privacy Comments / suggestions - Contact - General sales policy

General sales conditions for Grooveonline products

Application field and modification of the general sales conditions

The following general sales conditions apply to sales made through the internet website grooveonline.net
Grooveonline reserves the right to modify these general sales conditions at any time.

ARTICLE 1 - Price
1.1 - Prices of our products are indicated in euros without including tax and shipping fees.

1.2 - If you are an international customer, your package may be subject to duties when it arrives in your respective country. Unfortunately, we have no way of predicting these charges, as they vary from country to country. These charges are restricted between you and your respective government, therefore you are solely responsible for these charges since you are a citizen of your country, and are importing the goods at your free will. Further information on this matter may be attained from your local customs office.
You should also be aware that some local customs offices may charge a "handling fee" in addition to the duties. Any postage price you pay us covers the full cost of shipping the goods to you. However, if a custom problem should arise, we've heard of cases in which the handling fees are assessed and added, and then billed onto the customer. To reiterate, we have no control over these charges since we are a french company, and this matter is strictly between you and your government.
1.3 - All orders, wherever they have been processed, are payable in Euros.
1.4 - Grooveonline reserves the right to change its prices at any time, but products will be billed based on the price at the date & time of the order.
Products remain the property of Grooveonline until the complete payment of the product and its shipping fees are finalized.

ARTICLE 2 - Order
On Internet : www.grooveonline.net
Grooveonline reserves the right to cancel orders in their sole discretion.

ARTICLE 3 - Validation
When you validate the order, you declare accepting it as well as the present general sales conditions.
Information recorded by grooveonline.net constitute the proof of the whole transactions between grooveonline.net and its customers.
The data recorded by payment system constitute the proof of financial transactions.

ARTICLE 4 - Availability
Our products and prices are available until they are shown on the site. All our products presented are in stock.

ARTICLE 5 - Shipping
Our shippings are handled by the following companies, at the choice of the customer, in accordance with its country.
Collisimo suivi Europe
International air post service (priority or economic)
Products are sent to the shipping address you indicated during the order process, with some shipping companies a phone number is required.
During the order, delivery time and exact prices will be provided for each shipping company in accordance with the customer's country. Note that delivery time are estimates only and may vary, specially with post office services. Grooveonline can't be held responsible for any incurred delays.

ARTICLE 6 - Payment
Payment of your purchase is with credit cards :
Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Carte Bleue, EuroCard

ARTICLE 7 - Security
Our website uses a secured purchase system: We adopted the SSL encoding process to protect in the most effective manner pertaining to all significant data related to the means of Payment.

The protected SSL server ensures the reliability of the E-trade by crypting all the personal datas which are essential to treat the orders ( address, e-mail, credit card info, etc.) at the moment of their registration.
During transfers via Internet, it is then impossible to read them.

ARTICLE 8 - Return policy
All merchandise is guaranteed to be in the condition stated. If an item is "new", it is guaranteed to be free from manufacturer defects. If an item is used, it is guaranteed to be in the condition stated on our used vinyl records condition page (near mint, very good, etc.), in some cases additional descriptions regarding the condition might be noted (in the product info) on our website.
Grooveonline will accept returns on merchandise sold only under the following conditions:
Timeliness of return
All return matters must be handled in a timely fashion. Customers have 1 week from the receipt of the order to communicate with Grooveonline regarding any complaints. It is important that all items are inspected upon receiving the order, that any reserve are mentioned to the shipping company and that any complaints are directed to Grooveonline immediately. Also, once a return request has been made and accepted by Grooveonline, the customer has 1 week to return the merchandise for a refund or replacement. Grooveonline cannot be responsible for merchandise that remains in the customer's possession for an unusual amount of time.
Defects (for new items)

If a new LP or CD purchased at Grooveonline is defective due to an error by the manufacturer, we will replace that item with another copy. If there is not another copy of that item in stock, we will offer a credit for the cost of the item towards the purchase of another item.


If Grooveonline has accidentally misrepresented one of our titles in a website listing - a return for credit may be proposed, at the discretion of the Grooveonline Returns Department. Examples of misrepresentation may include the following:
Incorrectly listing song titles for a particular release, incorrectly listing specific material characteristics (double album, original pressing, etc) of a particular release.

Processing Error
If an error has occurred in a customer order at the fault of Grooveonline, then Grooveonline will accept the item back for a refund or credit. However, if an error occurs at the fault of the customer ordering an item, Grooveonline cannot be held responsible.
Shipping Error
If an order is damaged or mishandled due to an error by our shipping company, we will replace any damaged items. However, the return must be handled in a way that allows for proper survey of the damage caused. Contact the Returns Department for more information.
Shipping Damage

Grooveonline is committed to getting you your records and CDs in the best possible condition. All packages are insured, and we will gladly process a claim for any damage that is large enough to cause a significant change in the playability or collectability of an item. Damage claims for these problems include: broken records, cracked CDs, warped records, and severely ripped or folded record jackets.
However, please be aware that in the process of shipping goods to you, some slight wear might occasionally occur during the shipping process. While this sort of wear is not something we endorse, it is sometimes an inevitable fact of shipping items to you, and unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it. Wear such as this might include: slightly crinkled corners on record covers, a cracked hinge or 'tooth' on a CD jewel case, some slight seam splitting on LP jackets, and other small cosmetic matters. With instances such as these, we may be able to help you in some ways, such as sending you a replacement jewel case with your next order, although this won't always be the case. We try very hard to sell you only perfect goods and we pack them securely as well, but please be aware that whatever we do, some small cosmetic damage might occur as part of the shipping process.
We will gladly replace any items that experience major defects from shipping, but we cannot do so for items that only experience small cosmetic ones. If you need everything you buy to be totally perfect, we recommend that you only purchase items 'in person' at a store where you can inspect them yourself.
In all cases, possible returns should be discussed with Grooveonline before any action is taken. Returns must be authorized with the Grooveonline Returns Department before they are sent to us. Unauthorized returns will not be accepted. The Returns Department can be reached by email
Grooveonline does not refund or replace merchandise for the following:

Issues of Taste

Grooveonline cannot be held responsible for individual instances of personal taste. Popular music is a wide and varied array of different styles and preferences, and particular likes and dislikes are the discretion of the individual, not the music industry in general. If a customer is dissatisfied with the artistic component of a specific title, they should take the matter up with the artist who produced the album or CD.

Customer Error

Grooveonline cannot be held responsible for items that were purchased in error by a customer. We will make every effort to help a customer make the right choice when they are looking for a specific title, but once the item has been purchased, we cannot be held responsible if the customer has made a mistake in their choice.

There will be minor exceptions to these policies if a "new" item purchased from Grooveonline is still in the original shrink-wrap, and if it shows no additional signs of wear incurred in the item's tenure with a customer. If an item has been opened or played by a customer, however, we cannot accept the item back for return.

Shipping fees for a return due to retractation will be to the customer's charge.
Grooveonline won't be held responsible for lost or damaged returns.

Checking your package during delivery :
You must indicate any anomaly regarding the delivery (damaged box or product) by writing reserve on the delivery form. This verification is considered done when customer or any person in authority, signed the delivery form.
If at the time of delivery, the packaging is consistently damaged, teared up or open, you must then verify the shape of the products. If they have been damaged you must refuse the package and notify it on the delivery form (package refused because open or damaged).

These policies are not meant to penalize the customers of Grooveonline, but only to ensure that they make the correct choices before purchasing an item.

ARTICLE 9 - Customer service - Address
For any information our customer service is at your disposal:

e-mail : contact
adress : Grooveonline - BP 10 853 - 75828 Paris Cedex 17 - France

ARTICLE 10 - Intellectual Property - Royalties
The entire content of this site (text, comments, image, illustration, etc) is all rights reserved, by way of the royalties and way of Intellectual Property, for the whole world. Any reproduction of part or the whole content is strictly prohibited without the prior agreement of Grooveonline direction.

ARTICLE 11 - Responsibility
Photos, images, texts and any other information produced or reproduced, illustrating and describing the Grooveonline products are not contractual. The comments are provided to help customer in its choice. Therefore, Grooveonline takes no responsibility and assumes no liability in case of mistakes in any of the presented documents and comments, as well a difference of appreciation regarding the comments.
Grooveonline can't be held responsible for the non execution of the concluded contract in emergency case including, but not limited to, partial or total perturbation of the shipping services, postal services, modes of transportation and/or communication, flood, fire.
Grooveonline will not be liable for any damages of any kind arising from the use of this site, including, but no limited to direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, and consequential damages.
Grooveonline disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose
In the case of hypertext links from Grooveonline to other web sites, Grooveonline disclaims all warranties in the case where the content of those sites would contravene the legal and statutory provisions.
The choice and the purchase of a product or a service are the exclusive responsibility of the customer.

ARTICLE 12 - Applicable law
By visiting grooveonline.net, you agree that the laws of the French government, without regard to principles of conflict of laws, will govern this contract and any dispute of any sort that might arise between you and grooveonline.net or its affiliates

ARTICLE 13 - Personal information - Privacy
Grooveonline will not rent or sell any your name, address, email address, credit card information or any other personal information to anyone.
We will not use your email address to send unsolicited email. We will, of course, send you email regarding your order.