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The FalconairesThe Falconaires
Snake Creek Diversion Project
LP, CRP, Early 70's, Condition: Very Good +   Add Cart - View Cart   79.99€
Great funky jazz number by the group from the United States Air Force Academy.... More infos...
Joe Farrell QuartetJoe Farrell Quartet
Joe Farrell Quartet
LP, CTI, 1970, Condition: Near Mint   Add Cart - View Cart   12.99€
Pianist plays here with Jack de Johnette (drums), Dave Holland (bass) & John McLaughin (guitar).... More infos...
Wilton FelderWilton Felder
Inherit The Wind
LP, MCA, 1980, Condition: Near Mint   Add Cart - View Cart   7.99€
As a good Crusader the saxophonist offers a great jazz funk album with the top quality you can expect from the band. Personally we'll never get tired of listening to the... More infos...
Maynard FergusonMaynard Ferguson
M.F. Horn
LP, Columbia, , Condition: Very Good +   Add Cart - View Cart   7.99€
Excellent album by one of the funkiest big band, that great groovy sound from the early 70's, with the soundtrack feel, the tracks contain lots of breaks and rhythms changes.... More infos...
Maynard FergusonMaynard Ferguson
Primal Scream
LP, Columbia, 1976, Condition: Near Mint   Add Cart - View Cart   9.99€
Funky, funky jazz produced by Bob James.The trumpetist and big band conducer on a set of some of his most explosive tracks. Long tracks with the best groove of the CTI productions... More infos...
 First Cousins Jazz Ensemble First Cousins Jazz Ensemble
For The Cos Of Jazz
LP, Capitol, 1977, Condition: Near Mint   Add Cart - View Cart   24.99€
A dope funky jazz number featuring great players such as Rudy Johnson, Doug Richardson, Wah Wah Watson. A killier groove all the way sometimes mellow, sometimes clubby, but... More infos...
Ronnie FosterRonnie Foster
Love Satellite
LP, Columbia, 1978, Condition: Near Mint   Add Cart - View Cart   8.99€
On this album produced by Jerry Peters the keyboardist prooves to be a good singer with a set mixing jazz funk and soul. There are three good vocal club tracks on a great... More infos...
The Freedom Sounds featuring Wayne HendersonThe Freedom Sounds featuring Wayne Henderson
People Get Ready
LP, Atlantic, 1967, Condition: Near Mint   Add Cart - View Cart   14.99€
Superb set of funky jazz, one of the two by the formation leaded by Wayne Henderson, that why it's natully sounding like the Crusaders groove. The set includes covers of... More infos...
George FreemanGeorge Freeman
LP, Bam-Boo, 1972, Condition: New   Add Cart - View Cart   9.99€
An incredible funky jazz number from early 70's, one of the rarest by guitarist, used to the Groove merchant sessions, he signs here a superb rare groove wax, recorded on... More infos...
George FreemanGeorge Freeman
Man & Woman
LP, Groove Merchant, 1974, Condition: Very Good +   Add Cart - View Cart   7.99€
Smooth and groovy set by guitarist, playing with Bob Cranshaw (bass), Buddy Williams (drums), Harold Mabern Jr. (piano) and Kenny Barron (electric piano).... More infos...
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