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The L.A. Jazz EnsembleThe L.A. Jazz Ensemble
LP, PBR, 1978, Condition: Very Good +   Add Cart - View Cart   13.99€
Great funky jazz session featuring Patrcie Rushen, Clare Fisher, Abraham Laboriel and Seawind members.... More infos...
Yusef LateefYusef Lateef
10 Years Hence
2 LP, Atlantic, 1975, Condition: Very Good -   Add Cart - View Cart   9.99€
This album was recorded live in San Fransisco with Kenny Barron (piano & cowbell), Bob Cunningam (brass & african bell), Albert Heath (drums & varied percussion), plus strings... More infos...
Yusef LateefYusef Lateef
Suite 16
LP, Atlantic, 1970, Condition: Near Mint   Add Cart - View Cart   18.99€
Another great early 70's recording by flutist-saxophonist, beween funk and smooth jazz, all with a tight groove for a well inspired set, plus a great soulful touch brung... More infos...
Yusef LateefYusef Lateef
Yusef Lateef's Detroit Latitude 42 30' Longitude 83
LP, Atlantic, 1969, Condition: Near Mint   Add Cart - View Cart   21.99€
Another funky bomb by sax-flutist, a groovy set with lots of soul, funk and blues, raw and warm. With Danny Moore, Snookie Young, Jimmy Owens, Eric Gale, Cecil McBee, Chuck... More infos...
Ronnie LawsRonnie Laws
Friends And Strangers
LP, Blue Note, 1977, Condition: Very Good +   Add Cart - View Cart   7.99€
The flutist also plays piccolo on some tracks. On a quartet formation, the sidemen are Armando Corea (piano), Richard Davis (bass) and Bobby Thomas or Jimmy Cobb on drums.... More infos...
O'Donel LevyO'Donel Levy
Black Velvet
LP, Groove Merchant, 70's, Condition: Very Good +   Add Cart - View Cart   24.99€
A soul jazz album from the great serie the guitarist cuted in the early 70's, under Sonny Lester production, with that unique hard grooving sound of the label at the time.... More infos...
Ramsey LewisRamsey Lewis
Chance Encounter
LP, Columbia, 1982, Condition: Very Good +   Add Cart - View Cart   5.99€
In the early 80's, lots of jazz players get the chance to be produced by George Butler, with additional work on arrangements by Tom Tom 84. The result was always great,... More infos...
David LiebmanDavid Liebman
Light'n Up, Please!
LP, Horizon, 1977, Condition: Near Mint   Add Cart - View Cart   6.99€
A good album by jazz saxophonist, very funky, self produced with help from Pee Wee Ellis who plays sax and electric keyboards, with vocals by Leon Thomas on a few tracks.... More infos...
Michael LongoMichael Longo
LP, Groove Merchant, Early 70's, Condition: Near Mint   Add Cart - View Cart   24.99€
Super groover! pianist Michael Longo plyas electric keyboards here on a set that has a bossa jazz feel, very groovy, including covers of hits by Dizzy Gillespie, Les McCann,... More infos...
Jeff LorberJeff Lorber
It's A fact
LP, Arista, 1982, Condition: Very Good +   Add Cart - View Cart   6.99€
An excellent record produced in all by the pianist him self. It's a pur jazz funk album with funky tracks in the best mode of the contemporary funk bands. There are three... More infos...
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